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    Dongguan Howe Precision Mold Co., Ltd.

    Production Line

    Mold tooling Line

    HOWE Due to strong mold tooling capacity and wide mold tooling range, it has been successful among the fierce mold tooling supplier and is always the special one who challenges the world-leading mold tooling capacity, first-class quality standard, and latest mold technology skills.


    We set the plastic mold department, testing and inspect department, design and engineering department. Plastic mold department set high-speed CNC workshop, Mirror EDM workshop, wire cut EDM, mold assembly workshop.


    Three sets Sodick wire-cutting EDM and one Sodick oil cutting EDM machines, they ensure general tolerance within 0.005mm, flatness, verticality, and linearity within 0.002mm. The smallest wire of the machine is 0.03mm.


    Seven sets of High-speed CNC (Switzerland Mikron 500LP ) milling machines that are mainly used to make the electrodes and precise cubic curve product, which precision reach to 0.002mm. And our program master design the electrode and the CNC workshop produces it in house, which greatly ensures EDM precision, quality, and fast delivery


    Ten sets of Sodick EDM machines make us possible to ensure EDM precision within 0.005mm. For some parts that require special surface roughness, Chenghui Precision Mould could handle using the Sodick EDM machines, which reach from Ra0.15 to the mirror surface.





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